gifts under $50Fa, la, la, la, it’s Gift Guide season! So, you may already be so over gift guides.  But, I personally love them and get so many great ideas from other people’s.  Feel free to skip mine if you’re burn out on them, I won’t be offended!

For me, $50 is the sweet spot to stay below.  You can find something fabulous for your mom, sister, best friend or to stock your gift closet with at this price point.

Everything on this list is something I own, have gifted or would very willingly receive.  (hint, hint Josh!)

Gifts Under $50

one |  I am just obsessed with this bubble bath.  I have been giving this for years, and will always love buying this little luxurious treat.  This my favorite scent, too!

two |  Ok, so this one is a little over $50, but I had to include it because its so pretty.  It is something I always come back to as a gift idea, because it would work for so many people.

three | The sweetest little treat that isn’t overly sweet.  This box will easily disappear in one sitting, especially if you love Whispering Angel as much as I do!

four | The fancy nail polish that lasts forever and comes in the best colors.

five |  This is one of the prettiest coffee table books, and the price is really great.  I love picking this up and thumbing through it.

six |  Yes to all of the marble.

seven |  One of my favorite scents, and love that this set includes pumps for easy dispensing.

eight |  The cutest little key chain.

nine | The water bottle that is so pretty it makes you want to drink more water.

ten |  The best candles ever.  Saving the jar after they’re empty as a cute little holder makes them even better.

eleven | The shoes that feel like slippers.

twelve | I have been eyeing this little match set for a while now (hint, hint) and think it would be such a chic household gift to give or get.


What are your favorite under $50 gifts to give?  I love any and all ideas!!   XO


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12 comments on “Gifts Under $50”

    • Have you ever tried those champagne gummies? They are absurdly delicious and a box disappears way too fast! Hope your day is great! XO

  1. I’m loving your gift guide ! That nail polish is a beautiful color, I’ve never purchased Chanel Nail polish, very good to know it stays on. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I always appreciate an affordable gift guide, and these all are great ideas! That bracelet is so pretty and goes with anything, definitely worth the few extra bucks.

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