Bell Sleeve Top / Denim / Shoes (sold out), almost identical / Bag in same style, same color / Sunglasses, similar style / Earrings

It took me a while to get on board with the whole bell sleeve top trend that is going on right now.  It started last year and expanded this year.  As in, the bell sleeves got bigger.  Did anyone else notice that?  I was so wary of these big sleeves, but once I dipped my toe into the bell sleeve top section at my favorite stores, I was hooked.

I should preface this with the fact that I have sleeve issues.  As in, sleeves make me CRAZY.  I blame my OCD, because I cannot stop focusing on sleeves not being the perfect length or being too constricting, even when they aren’t.  I love that bell sleeves just sort of fall back when you lift your arm and give you that wrist freedom.  It’s just all kinds of wonderful for a 3/4 length sleeve addict.

 These jeans are magic, I swear.  They sit up so high and suck you in, and fit really well for the price.  I had no idea Abercrombie was making pants to fit real people again, but they have me hooked now.  These magic jeans are on super sale right now, for $32!  Grab ’em while they’re hot!

Speaking of fab items on sale, if you love my bag as much as I do, the same one in a different shade is on MAJAH sale.  We are talking under $100, which is so much better than what I paid for it with NSale pricing.  If it’s the color that you dig (there is never too much olive IMHO) than I found you that on sale, too.

I am in the process of emptying our master closet and organizing it, which has led to clothes piles everywhere.  There is a pile of new clothes which is full of bell sleeve tops because I am hooked now.  #wristfreedomforever

If you’re as addicted as I am, I rounded up a bunch of fun ones at different price points below.

Bell Sleeve Tops


Thanks for reading!  XO

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6 comments on “Bell Sleeve Tops”

  1. Bell sleeves are such a fun statement look, and loving your pop of color with those TB flats. As much as I love the NSale, I know it’s not the end all and be all for great deals. Isn’t it amazing when we find great pieces on sale for even cheaper than our fav sale? <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. I was obsessed with that top from your Insta and had to get the details on it! Such a great price point. Also, I’m so intrigud by the jeans. They look freaking amazing but how do they run? I feel like with Abercrombie I’d have to size up like 8 sizes to fit normal size? I can’t wait to get back into skinny jeans.

    • Thanks lady! It’s a GREAT top and can definitely work with pregnancy. I live for these jeans, especially post-baby. They run bigger for sure. I went up a size and could have just stayed my normal size, and these were the first pants I wore post-baby. I love them so much and can wear them all day, and I am someone who is not usually comfortable in jeans.

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