Do you know why I love the world of blogging so much?  A lot of reasons, but one in particular.  Because it is like constantly sitting down and having a chat with your girlfriends.  Do you ever read certain blogs and feel like you and the writer would be IRLBFF?  Or is that just me? I have made some amazing connections through blogging, including friends that I talk to almost daily.  Reading my favorite blogs can be like a good girlfriend hang, where you share all of your favorite things and catch up over coffee.

This Outfit

This whole outfit is a perfect example of this.  I saw this dress on Mallory’s blog and loved how she wore it post baby.  It made me buy it and style it while I was pregnant and again, post-baby.  When she said this dress is good, she was so right.

Caycee raved about this cardigan so many times that I bought it without thinking twice during the Nordstrom sale.  Everything she said about it was right and more.  It’s deliciously soft and cozy, like wearing butter.  I throw this on every morning and over dresses and tops when the temperatures are low.  If you buy one cardigan ever, let it be this one.

Amanda shared these booties and I added them to my never ending Amazon cart.  She and Biana are always finding the best Amazon goodies and have never steered me wrong.  And you know a good ‘Zon find is the best kind of score.

I hope you all feel the same way when you stop by this site.  I want it to feel like you’re having a little coffee tawk with your girlfriends, swapping clothes and stories!


Dress (runs large) / Cardigan / Shoes / Sunglasses / Bag


Thank you for reading! -XO

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16 comments on “Blogger Style”

  1. 1. Thank you for including me 🙂 2. I definitely feel like I’m chatting with all my friends when I read / write blogs – it’s the absolute best and I cant wait to meet IRL one day 🙂 xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • Thanks lady! I’m all about the (baggy) comfort right now until I can get this post-baby bod under control, gah! Blogging definitely fuesl the shopping, and I always get so many great new things from your posts!

  2. I love love this post ! I’ve been pretty rotten lately about posting only blog. I always enjoyed sipping my morning coffee at 6 a.m. and reading my favorite blogs ! I need to get back into it, I truly enjoy blogging 🙂 Lately Instagram has been my outlet. Thinking of a blog post now for Monday !! Hoping that your weekend was fabulous !

    • Yes please, I love your blog! You take the best, best, best blog photos and I love reading about your sweet family. Happy Monday! XO

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