Happy Halloween!  This is a holiday we take very seriously in our house.  It’s Josh’s birthday (happy birthday to my amazing husband!) and my kids’ second favorite holiday (to Christmas, of course.)  We go mildly crazy decorating our house.  I do all of the basic girl pumpkin styling indoors, and the kids and Josh go crazy with spiders, webs and graveyards outside.

I am so excited to dress Riley up in her Halloween costume (kitten), trick or treat with my babes, celebrate my favorite guy and binge on my kids’ candy haul.

Pumpkin Picking

We went pumpkin picking last weekend at a local farm outside Atlanta.  I may have spent the entire time snapping pictures because, #pumpkineverything.  It was about a zillion degrees out and we were all sweating our butts off.  Avery was a total pre-teen crank monster and Riley slept through the whole outing.  But, I am going to remember it as our first Fall adventure as a family of five.







Home Tour

This is only a tiny peek at what we have decorated in our house.  It’s pretty dark indoors so I couldn’t get any decent pictures of our living room and the play room.  The kids and Josh did the outdoor “styling.”  There are giant spider webs and spiders everywhere and a graveyard slowly making its way into our front yard.  I have such a love slash hate relationship with those kinds of decorations.  🙄

Fall is my favorite season to decorate for, second only to Christmas.  I love the pops of orange and brown, plus white pumpkins make my heart skip a beat.  Almost all of our decor comes from Target every year.  I don’t like to spend a ton on it because it can get destroyed in storage and my kids play with all of it.

My big struggle is storing it, after it is all over.  Do you have any recommendations or great tips for keeping it nice and organized in storage?







Thank you for reading!  Happy Halloween!  -XO


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7 comments on “Pumpkin Picking + Fall Home Tour”

  1. Love love pumpkin picking ! We haven’t been for a few years now, since Bryton is now in middle school he doesn’t really care about going. Love all your fall/pumpkin decor !!!

    • I fully support the idea of adult pumpkin picking (I always did it pre-kids) and think every patch should sell spiked cider. It would be such a game changer!

  2. Love your pumpkin picking pictures, Riley makes the big kids look so big this year!! I’m all about minimalist decorating when it comes to fall. Now with Christmas I plan to go all out!

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