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What do a pink off shoulder sweater and self-confidence have to do with each other?  More than you would think.  When I ordered this sweater, over a month ago, I was still pregnant.  I ordered up in size assuming that it would take me a while to get back to my pre-baby body.  I tried it on for the first time about a week after Riley was born.  It was basically a skin tight crop top at that point.  I thought about returning it but decided I loved it way too much for that.  A pink sweater that is off the shoulder and actually stays in place?  It’s like finding a unicorn in your backyard.

I keep trying the sweater on weekly and it very gradually is beginning to fit the way I like.  I have been wanting to put outfits together and take pictures for the blog because I miss it so much.  This sweater was my first choice because I love it so much.  However, after I looked at the pictures I just wanted to cry and throw myself a pity party.  Having a baby and losing control of your body is hard.  I am not one of those magic moms who gives birth and is back in their skinniest jeans within two weeks.  The weight hangs on and it takes me a LONG time to get back to where I was pre-baby.  It takes a lot of dieting and hard work, and time.

After I deleted almost every picture we shot of the sweater, I made a very conscious decision that this space is my space and our space.  It’s a place to be real, especially when it comes to fashion and being a mom.  Neither of which are perfect.  I named this blog A Dash of Pretty because sometimes a dash of pretty is all it takes in life to make things a little brighter.  Pretty is subjective and it is a personal feeling.  A dash is a little bit, because nothing is 100 percent perfect, most especially in life.  This pink off shoulder sweater is my dash of pretty right now.

Do I feel confident in these pictures?  No, but I am trying to.

Right now, my head space is this:  to be comfortable with myself in the fact that I carried and gave birth to a third little person.  My body did that and it will never be the same.  But that is ok.  It motivates me to be as healthy as I can and to allow myself time to get to where I want to be.

Thank you for reading!  -XO


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31 comments on “Pink Off Shoulder Sweater + Self-Confidence”

  1. Girl, you look awesome!! And I’m totally with you about not dropping it fast. The first pic I took… I thought beforehand, I am starting to return to normalcy. As soon as I looked at the photos, I was like, I’m not looking quite as awesome as I thought I was. Haha. And then my sweet mother was there to remind me that I just birthed a child, carried 30 lbs extra weight for 9 months. And that I look awesome. I’m right where you are, having to remind myself to be confident. Oh, and that pink sweater is so so pretty! ❤️

    • Thanks lady, I am glad I am not alone! It’s definitely time to get back, but I feel the same way. I hope you’re feeling good and getting some rest!

  2. I’m happy that you were able to share these photos because you look amazing! Giving yourself a little grace after just having a baby is so important!! That blush pink is your color girl! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • Thank you sweet friend! I can never say no to pink and I am really hoping to feel like myself again one day (soon?!) Hope you’re having a great day so far! XO

    • Thank you so much! It’s definitely hard to see your body change out of your control and the hormones definitely do not help things! But, you are the best for saying that!

  3. I love this post more than you know !! Your PINK sweater looks fabulous and most of all fabulous on YOU !!! I am struggling with confidence as well…… as I get closer to 50 my body is NOT what I was expecting. You will get back to where you are more comfortable. You are 100% correct, this blog is your space and I love it because you are REAL. Have a wonderful day 🙂 XOXO

    • Thank you Tammy! I appreciate your kind words SO much! I love that so many women feel the same way and we can related to each other and build each other up, because that is so important!!! Hope you’re having a great day and I keep checking your blog for wedding pics 😉

      • We had two wonderful photographers that we hired for the big wedding but they informed us that we are in que. She’s in high demand ! We will get proofs back in about 6-8 weeks. I’m so very anxious to see them but understand there’s a process. I promise to share photos as soon as I get to it.

  4. This post just makes me love you even more! I hate to admit that I’m struggling with weight when I’m growing a human and it has been something I’ve wanted for so long but it has been hard to look at pictures when you’re used to seeing yourself in one way. I think the sweater looks amazing on you and it was a good buy and keep. Give yourself the grace you deserve and enjoy this precious time with your babe. <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you so much love! It definitely starts during pregnancy, and the lack of control can just throw everything off, no matter how amazing it is. It’s definitely life changing and like nothing else. I hope you’re feeling great and know that you look AMAZING!

  5. I think you look fabulous in this outfit and I also think it’s normal to dislike where your body is at after baby. Just don’t let that define you–you’re gorgeous, your body is beautiful, and you brought a little baby into this world with it!

    • Thank you so much Jenn! Same to YOU! It’s definitely a struggle, but the hormones don’t help and it’s just nice to remind yourself what you accomplish in making a person!

  6. You look AMAZING!!! That outfit is fantastic and look really great on you. Not everyone can wear that shade of pink. It’s totally a great color on you. You are beautiful!!

  7. I think you look absolutely amazing, especially after it only being a month after giving birth. Good for you for putting yourself out there and I LOVE your pink sweater. It’s the cutest and so you!

    • Thank you love! It’s definitely not where I want to be and it’s a struggle, but it’s life. Plus, it’s all worth it for these little loves 🙂

    • Thank you Katie, that just made my day (and made me tear up because #hormones.) I keep thinking of how you said you just walked all of the time after you had Hadley, so I am strolling like a crazy lady!

    • Thank you Samantha! I am obsessed with the mules and glad I waited to snag them when they went on sale. They’re so versatile! Hope you have a great day! XO

  8. This sweater looks beautiful on you!! I think we all go through self confidence dips… especially after having a baby. This sweater looks so soft too!

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