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Riley is one month old.  Ok, well five weeks tomorrow because #thirdchildproblems.  I cannot believe how fast this month has flown by.  Every minute of every day seems to be zipping by at record speed.  Riley still feels so new and it feels like we are all still adjusting daily.  At the same time, it is hard to imagine what life was like without her in it.  One month has zipped by and completely changed our lives.

One Month Changes

It already feels like Riley is a different person than she was a month ago.  She is so alert and awake.  She has very definite likes and dislikes, which crack me up.  It’s crazy that someone so small and new can already let us know her preferences.  She likes her bath time, but not getting out of the tub.  Riley likes eating, a LOT.  She dislikes sleeping and being put down.  Her favorite is when Josh holds her and definitely not when I do.  She is already such a daddy’s girl, I cannot believe it!

My poor babe had her first cold last week, which was definitely hard on her and my emotions.  But she plowed through it like a little champ and made sure to pass it on to me.  😉  In the last week or so, her personality has really started to shine through and she is definitely turning into Smiley Riley.

In one month she has become so aware of her surroundings and loves eye contact.  She is fascinated with lights and ceiling fans and will stare at them for ten minutes straight.  Her brother and sister are favorites, especially when they talk to her and put their faces close to hers.

One Month Feeding

Feeding all three of my children has been a struggle.  All three have had (or still have) dairy issues and reflux.  Nursing is a true challenge as well, as I have never made enough milk.  I remember how miserable I was after Greyson was born trying to get enough milk made and him being so sick.  It is deja vu right now.

Riley has reflux and I don’t make enough milk.  This makes for a tricky, situation.  I am taking supplements and drinking teas and housing oatmeal.  I have also been pumping like crazy and none of it seems to help.  It is frustrating and can definitely make me feel like I’m not a good enough mom.  However,  I am going to keep trying as long as I can.  We are also cycling through formulas to try to find the best fit for her to eat when we supplement.  For now, Similac Sensitive seems to be the best fit.

Besides that, we have a long stretch from about 2:00 pm through bedtime (8-9ish) where she is fussy and pretty consistently unhappy.  It’s definitely rough, but we are trying everything we can to figure it out and help soothe her.  Also, she hates her swing.  What baby hates swings?!

One Month Sleep

Ah, sleep.  I miss you old friend.  We are currently doing ok at night and trying to follow Moms On Call after hearing some friends’ successes with it.  We can do it from evening on all right, but day time isn’t seeming to stick with us yet.

Most days, Riley will nap in the morning and early afternoon well, but won’t sleep much from 2pm through 8pm.  We have a lot of fussing and crankiness going on then, for sure.  Fingers crossed we can get her on a schedule and it helps.  All suggestions are welcome please!

The first month is always the hardest for sure.  Hours and routines change constantly.  Feedings can be all over the place.  Sleep is scarce and stress can be high as everyone adjusts to this new life.  But it is the BEST.  I am savoring every sweet second with her and snuggling her as much as possible.  Babies don’t keep and each one is the sweetest reminder of this.  ❤️

If you want to read her birth story, I posted it here.

Thank you so much for reading and hope you have a great week!  -XO

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18 comments on “One Month With Riley”

  1. I’m so with you. I can’t believe how fast this month has gone!! And you’re so right, my little one has changed so much in just 4 short eeeks. I realized the other day that also means I’ve got mine month of maternity leave already in the books. I’m so sorry she’s already had a cold but am so glad she’s doing okay now. I won’t even let the boys get very close just yet because I’m so afraid they’ll bring something home to him. Hope you start feeling better soon!!

    • I tried so hard to keep A and G away, but they just bring home all of the germs, ah! I guess it makes her tougher? We need a pause button to slow down time!

  2. She is the cutest! What a happy little girl – smiling in all her pictures 🙂
    I remember how tough certain parts of the first month were…our feedings and sleep really started to stabilize around 3 months I think. Hang in there mama! xx

    • Thank you Emily! It’s crazy how fast I forgot about the first few months, but I am trying to remember that one day I will miss these days dearly. XO

    • Thanks girl! She has SO much hair and I swear it grows daily. It definitely caused me some major heart burn when I was pregnant!

    • Thank you Andrea! You’re too sweet! She has some serious hair and it cracked me up that they could see it on ultrasounds when I was pregnant. Of course, I had awful heart burn too 😉

  3. That pineapple romper – LOVE! How adorable that her personality is already shining through! And I hear ya on the swing, Serena hated her swing for the first few weeks. Then next thing I knew, she was napping peacefully in it for long stretches. Hoping she learns to love her swing too soon <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Girlfriend is looking so BIG already!! I can’t believe it’s been a month. Hopefully the witching hour (hours? lol) will start to get better soon, along with eating. We had so many eating issues too and they are SO stressful. Hang in there mama! She is such a cutie – Riley you are giving me baby fever!

    • She feels SO big! Any good tips on the eating? I am trying everything and starting to slowly go crazy. Will you email me if you have any advice? The baby fever is real 😉

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