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It’s not too late to pull together a birthday wish list on your actual birthday, is it?  To be honest, I forgot my birthday is today.  Avery has been counting down to hers daily and between that and surviving a newborn, today just sort of slipped my mind.

And I am totally ok with that.  Plus, who really wants to get older once you have hit 21?  However, I am still a total shopaholic at heart and I fully believe in treating yourself for your birthday.   So a little personal shopping list, future hints for my husband and birthday wish list are in order.  😉

This year, my motto is quality over quantity.  I am going through our house and every thing in it with a fine tooth comb.  The theme is minimalistic and living my best life.  We need so much less than we have.  We can live so much more easily with less clutter and junk in our lives.  When we buy new things, I don’t want to just make quick purchases that junk up space and end up in the junk bin.  I want to invest in less, but make sure the investment is a better one.

The same thought goes for life in general.  Rushing around trying to accomplish three different tasks at once is often a necessity.  However, there are so many times when I put that upon myself and can slow down and focus on one thing at a time.  Slowing down in general and being more present with my family and my time is a top priority.  Having a ton of activities for the kids to constantly run around to, or taking on too many work projects is not what works well for me or our family.  Learning to prioritize, manage time and sometimes, just say no, is my new goal.  Quality time with the kids and Josh and just being together is what matters most.  Cheesy, yes, but so true.

I hope you all have a great weekend and thank you for reading!  -XO

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24 comments on “Birthday Wish List”

  1. Loving lo of your picks and I agree with you on both points – getting older like past 25 doesn’t need to be documented lol and YES to living with less and simplifying life!!

  2. Happy Birthday pretty lady !! Loving all the things on your birthday wish list, but I’m a sucker for a pretty nail polish and that pretty one by Chanel is simply gorgeous ~ Enjoy your day !

    • Thank you so much Tammy! That is the BEST nailpolish ever. A total splurge, but we have to treat ourselves 😉

  3. I have a pair of jammis like the ones you have on here and they are SO comfy! I basically lived in it when I was home with my newborn because of the buttons! And it was so freaking soft!
    Happy birthday!!!!

    • I need all of the button top jammies right now! They are life changing the first couple of months. I just wish I could leave the house in them 😉

  4. Happy Birthday sweet lady!! Hope it’s wonderful. And I totally get that you forgot about it. These newborns suck the life out of you… in a good way of course and literally. Hahaha. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get a few items in your list! #12 is beautiful!

    • Give me ALL of the Diptyque! And cozy Fall blankets. They just go together so well! Hope you had a great weekend! XO

  5. Happy Birthday!!! and YES to everything you said above! We are doing the same thing in our home. We are getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff and just keeping what we actually use & enjoy and only buying quality pieces and things we love! Less really is more.

  6. Happy Belated!!! This birthday roundup post is super deadly. I think I opened every single link. Both of those purses are on my lust list. I adore those Charlotte Olympia flats but my swollen feet fit in like two pair of shoes right now. I think I need that FP tunic in my life!

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