It’s so hard to believe that I was packing (and re-packing) our hospital bags weeks ago at this point.  But now, we are home and all of the bags are unpacked and everything is put away.  Tear. 😢

After four hospital trips to have babies (one was for an induction that didn’t work), I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what you really need to pack and take with you.  Surprisingly, you need a LOT less than you think you do.  Hospitals have everything there, especially for baby.  You could essentially walk in and out with just the same set of clothes and nothing else.  However, we all like having our own things with us, so today I wanted to share what I like to have with me.



  • Travel size face wash, deodorant, body wash, body lotion, face lotion and eye cream
  • Makeup removing face cleaning wipes
  • Toothbrushes and tooth paste
  • Medicines for Josh (you can’t bring your own)
  • Husband’s toiletries (deodorant, etc.)
  • Make up (mascara, tinted moisturizer and concealer)


I randomly picked up this toiletry bag at Target and it is my absolute favorite.  It’s compact but holds a ton at the same time.  I have the smaller makeup bag, too.  Great finds for the price!


For Mom

  • A comfy robe
  • Comfy, loose pants
  • Nursing tank
  • Flip flops for walking around the shower
  • Slippers
  • Cozy sweater
  • Something comfortable to wear home
  • Nursing bra

I always pack my slippers that I want to toss because something about them in a hospital grosses me out.  When you pack clothes, think about what will be loose and easy to wear.  Your body temperatures are all over the place and depending on what type of birth you have, you may want the loosest clothing possible.  If you plan on nursing, bring your own bras and tanks, since they are much easier to work with than a hospital gown.


For Baby

  • Bag to pack in
  • Socks
  • Your preferred pacifiers
  • Warm blanket
  • Clothes to wear home (I brought a couple options and layers)
  • Burp cloth
  • Swaddle or other items for photos


Baby needs the least amount of things for the hospital.  The hospital will have shirts, diapers, hats, pacifiers, blankets, etc. for you to use.  I know my kids don’t like the type of pacifier they provide, so I bring our own.  I also like our burp cloths, so I bring those as well.  This bag I got on Etsy fit everything perfectly and it great for the diaper bag going forward.

This is officially my last pregnancy post!  Such a surreal feeling to write that, but thank you all for following along and allowing me to spill all of my thoughts and feelings for the last nine months!  -XO


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15 comments on “Hospital Packing List for Mom and Baby”

  1. I definitely packed way more than we needed too. I’d say the only other things on here to put as options is anything that you might want for the actual labor room (diffuser, etc).
    I didn’t bring slippers and just used the hospital socks instead since I didnt feel bad tossing those.

  2. Awesome list! I’m of the thought that less is more when packing for the hospital as well. The one thing I really needed that I forgot was conditioner. They had shampoo in the bathroom, but no conditioner and my hair got so tangled during labor, an attempt at delivery, and an emergency c-section that by the time I finally had that anticipated hot shower I couldn’t untangle the rat’s nest. Lesson learned! <3
    Green Fashionista

    • It’s too tiring to even unpack everything you bring when you’re there. And then unpacking it all once you get home is just GAH!

  3. All great things! I can’t believe I’ll be packing our bags in the next few weeks. Our hospital doesn’t provide any clothes at all – including hats, so I need to bring those. The only other thing I may bring in addition to what you brought is my good camera.

    • They don’t provide anything?! That is crazy! I thought they always put the hats on when they were born and the little shirts. I wish wine was acceptable for the packing list!

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