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Hello almost nine months of pregnancy!  I am officially at the point where nothing fits and getting dressed is a daily struggle.  I’m sharing my biggest pregnancy splurge today, the perfect top for pregnancy and beyond.  There is a beyond in sight, right?

This top and brand (Hatch) has been on my radar for a while.  I love a looser fit in dresses and tops, no matter if  I am preggo or not.  It wasn’t worth justifying the price of a piece from Hatch if I wasn’t pregnant, as they are meant to work during pregnancy.  Or so I thought.  I finally pulled the trigger and did a total pregnancy splurge on this top during the last Shopbop sale.  Guess what?  It’s on sale now, so you can grab for it 30 percent off!

The price point is definitely higher than what I normally spend, although I do grab a piece here or there at this price every couple of months.  The price is a hard pill to swallow when there is a shelf life to it, such as four to five months.  This top and from what I have read, nothing from the brand, does not have an expiration date on wear.  What I love about this, is that it’s meant to be worn before, during and after.  You ladies know I am ALL about that!  (see here and here.)  My exception:  maternity pants on Thanksgiving, better known as Joey pants.  😉

Here is why I choose this as my pregnancy splurge this time around…

I generally splurge on denim during pregnancies, but I found awesome ones for under $40 that I loved.  The quality of this top is great and I know that it can be dressed up or down, and will look just as cute in the Summer, as it will in the Winter under a jacket.  The material is thick and high quality, plus the style isn’t too trendy, giving it staying power.  Total justification!

One more thing getting me through pregnancy right now: flip flops.  Specifically, Havaiana’s.  These are by no means a pregnancy splurge.  They are a true staple item that I have constantly had on hand since college.  Right now, my feet are so swollen that these are all I can squeeze into.  I feel like Regina George and sweat pants.  My shame level is at a zero, so please excuse the massive swelling of my legs, feet and face in these pictures.  An even better reason to treat yourself! 😉

Top / Maternity Jeans / Shoes / Bag  / Sunglasses / Bracelets

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12 comments on “My Best Pregnancy Splurge”

    • Amen to that! Although a lot of times my couch and sweat pants are what it takes to feel good these days 🙂

    • YES! It’s such a great top and so well made! I wanted to get so many things from the line because I really love that you can wear them after. Maternity clothes are a hard thing to spend money on for sure. Yay for you styling your bump! I’m still so happy and excited for you!

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