Now that I am 75 weeks (38) pregnant, it’s time to share my tried and true pregnancy favorites.  I have been through three pregnancies and definitely know what I like and dislike and what I prefer to splurge and save on.

I narrowed down my favorites based on what I truly loved and used the most.  These are all things I bought and continue to us, daily or close to it.  After three rounds, I like to keep it simple and stick with the necessities.


  1. Maternity Tank – I have worn these through all three pregnancies and they are hands down the BEST.  Confession:  I wear them after pregnancy, and may have bought one a couple years ago to wear because I just love them that much.  They cover your bump and fit so well, especially for the price.  My favorite staple!
  2. Denim Shorts – I got these shorts in March for our Disney trip and they  continue to fit perfectly since.  They’re another great budget find and I love that they last an entire pregnancy.  These have the high band, which stays put and doesn’t slip at all.  Bonus:  they’re on sale right now!
  3. Bio-Oil – I started using Bio-Oil when I was pregnant with Greyson and love it.  I slather this on at least once a day and I have yet to deal with stretch marks.  Yes, they can be hereditary-based, but I swear this helps keep my itchy belly nice and moisturized.  Bonus:  this is an awesome facial moisturizer and serum too!
  4. Flip Flops – Flip flops are all that fit on my swollen, Summer pregnant feet.  I love these the best because of the price, durability and fit.  I have been wearing them since college and will probably keep wearing them forever.
  5. Concealer – Sleepless nights start early for me.  I had massive insomnia in the second trimester and now I am up at least twice a night.  My skin has been so awful and broken out from hormones that it needs to most intense concealer.  This little tube packs a powerful punch.  A little goes more than a long way and stays put.  I apply with a damp beauty blender to thin it out a bit
  6. Lanolin – If you plan on nursing, I highly recommend getting some Lanolin and applying it at least once a day to help prepare.  Breast feeding is really painful for me, but using this for several weeks beforehand helps.
  7.  Spanx –  I cannot sing the praises of maternity Spanx enough.  I have gone through two pairs because I wear them so much.  They give you great support under dresses and keep that annoying thigh rub away (is that just me who gets it?)  They’re also super light weight and won’t make you hot.
  8.  Jeans – These are by far the best maternity jeans I have found in three pregnancies, including splurges on designer ones.  They lasted me the entire pregnancy and fit comfortable under the belly.  The distressing is just right and they look much higher end than they actually are.  I just wish they had this exact style in non-maternity so I snag a few pairs!
  9.  Sleeveless Blouse – I post about this beauty here.  This was a splurge for me, but now it’s on crazy sale!  I love that I can wear this now and after I am pregnant.  It’s so well made and makes me feel so much more pulled together when I wear it.
  10.   Bella Band –  Please make this the first thing you buy when you find out you’re pregnant.  This will allow you to wear your pants and shorts without buttoning them as your belly gets bigger.  It also works under shirts that are a little too short to keep from belly peeking out.
  11.  Dress –  I posted about this dress here last week.  My only regret is not finding and buying this earlier.  This is a great dress to wear on a hot Summer day and is also my go-to cover up for the pool.  This will fit after baby so well and I plan on using it as a cover up and dress then, too.

Pregnancy Favorites

Other Pregnancy Loves


* I’m sending prayers to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey.  If you feel so inclined to help, please consider donating to the Red Cross or Humane Society.


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14 comments on “Pregnancy Favorites”

    • Thanks lady! I was just telling my ultrasound tech how I got my name yesterday and I thought of you. I had A and G in the same place I was born and our name was literally wallpapered around every single room 😂

    • Thanks girl! I hope you can! I’m all for buying as little maternity as possible, unless it’s going to be worn to death! I can’t say enough good things about those jeans though! Hope you’re feeling great!

    • It looks like they sold out literally overnight grrr. However, I have a feeling the fit is all the same. It’s the Ingrid and Isabel brand (available mostly online I think) in the maternity inset panel style. Size down a little because they stretch!

  1. Those were my favorite maternity tanks too. That concealer is my favorite. Even now that I am raising twins. So many good things here (that I even still use at times).

    • The best tanks, right? I love how long the concealer lasts, too. A tiny bit really goes a long way. Those twins are such cuties!

    • I am all about the cocoa butter and oils. When I was pregnant with Avery, so many of the older women I worked with told me to use all of the oils and I think they were all right. It makes a huge difference after the fact, too!

    • It is SUCH good concealer! And it’s under $25! The tube I have is tiny and I am nowhere near done and have had it for five months. It’s no joke, especially for early mornings and all day wear. 🙌🏻

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