And just like that, Summer is slowly coming to an end.  Also, happy eclipse day.  Is everyone else going totally crazy over this?  Our schools have changed their schedules and buses are delayed over it.  It’s crazy!

What We Have Been Up To

  • Soaking up every last Summer weekend we can before we add another kid to this mix.  Think trying to find every kid-friendly activity in Atlanta.  We have been hitting up lots of great parks, seeing movies, eating at the kids’ favorite restaurants and indulging them at their favorite activity stores (Legoland and American Girl.)
  • Getting the house together.  We are finally making real progress!  Rooms are almost finished and you can walk through spaces without running into a mountain of boxes.
  • Trying to get adjusted to school.  Greyson is so wiped out from kindergarten!  He fell asleep on the bus last week and had to be woken up to get off.  Neither he nor Avery has ever slept so hard as they have the past few weeks.
  • Getting everything we still need for baby.  There is just so much to have ready!

What’s Coming Up

  • Having a baby 😉
  • Working on our master bedroom and finally having rooms finished to share here!
  • Getting back to outfit posts on here!  It’s not easy to post cute looks when literally nothing fits and your wardrobe consists of the same couple of pieces over and over again.
  • Doing a massive purge of my closet.  I’m thinking of setting up a Poshmark closet to get rid of the massive amounts of clothing I have held on to.  Has anyone done this?
  • Getting my diet and workout routine back, I miss both so much!
  • Our anniversary, most of our family birthdays, and school breaks.  I’m so excited for all of these! #nevertoooldforabirthday



What’s going on with you?  Talk soon! -XO




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14 comments on “Life Lately”

  1. We are only going to see 75% coverage of the eclipse here and schools don’t start until after Labor Day, but people are still going pretty crazy about it! I am definitely going to head outside and see what it’s like! I couldn’t find any glasses though so no looking at the sun for me! Glad you are getting your house in order! Ours has been in shambles all summer because we are remodeling. Last night we finally moving the living room furniture out of the dining room, where it’s been living since June, and I feel like a new person!! 🙂 Have a great week!

    • What did you think? We were underwhelmed because we didn’t have the glasses, but watching it on TV was cool! Here’s hoping we can both get our homes together asap!

    • Summer traffic is SO much better than school traffic. It seriously makes me want to be a hermit! I am going to try getting some stuff on there this week, I will let you know what I think!

    • I love that! Aren’t they so fun? She told me I should wear them all of the time, including when I have the baby and I can’t stop cracking up over that.

  2. I’m just not that into the whole Eclipse thing. I know it’s a huge deal around here in Nebraska. I plan on doing my normal routine ! What is Poshmark Closet ? I’ve never heard of it but very interested in learning more. Have a wonderful Monday !

    • A girlfriend of mine flew home to Nebraska to see it! It was huge there! Poshmark is a site where you can sell your clothes and accessories. I am not totally sure, but I believe they let you set up a “closet” so that it’s almost like a mini store you sell from.

  3. SO much excitement coming up! And poor Greyson, it’s so precious when the kiddos are so wiped out they fall asleep on the bus ride home. Officially on baby watch, and stalking all of your social media for news <3
    Green Fashionista

    • Oh my gosh, I can’t believe school hasn’t started yet! That makes this a crazy week for you, good luck mama!

    • I love that idea so much! I am over the clutter and I don’t have a new go-to donation spot here yet. Ok, thank you for sharing that, I feel better trying it!

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