Let’s chat about one of my latest obsessions: card cases.  So random, right?  Last year, I spotted an adorable Tory Burch card case that I decided I had to have.  Like, couldn’t live without it.  Of course, it was sold out everywhere.
The sold out card case led to an Internet searching rabbit hole of shopping card cases.  I had no idea there were so many out there and how stinking cute they all are.  If you love designer goodies but don’t love the price points, these are a great way to get a little designer piece.  They are functional, stylish and practical.  Three things that basically everything should be!
I generally carry a larger tote day to do, but I switch to smaller bags frequently.  My big, bulky wallet never fits in these bags, and as much as I love it, I don’t need most of the things in it.  I have started putting my cash and essential cards into my card case and leaving the extras in my wallet.  The best part?  I can actually fit my card case INTO my wallet when I want to carry both.  Organizational heaven!
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Have a fabulous day!  -XO

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