Happy Weekend Round Up day babes!  It’s the (un)official start to the weekend in my mind and I look forward to writing and posting this.  I need to be better at getting these together every week!

This is our last weekend before school starts, how crazy is that?  It’s a full month plus earlier than school starting in New Jersey and I feel highly unprepared for this.  This is a really good thing because I am so pregnant that I am not a very fun mom and both kids are bored to tears.

  • My new blog crush.  Both girls have adorable style that really compliments each other so well.  I adore love their aesthetic!
  • The most gorgeous white based room tour.  I want to white wash our floors immediately after seeing this.
  • Nosy?  Me too.  I love reading day in the life posts and this one about Kim Kardashian’s assistant is a good one.
  • Who wants to plan a girls’ weekend to Charleston?
  • Take me to Harbour Island immediately, or at least find me a space to decorate like this.  Swoon!
  • The right skirt can make any look ultra glamorous.
  • Loft is having killer sales left and right lately.  I have my eye on this top and sweater for Fall.  I am linking all of their cutest pieces I want below (#shopaholic.)
  • Just ordered some super fun earrings to make my maternity wardrobe more fun.
  • The Nordstrom Sale is still going strong – check out my purchase reviews or shopping picks.
  • Can I fit a cute, and on sale, off the shoulder top over my massive bump? Someone tell me yes please. 😂
  • Here is one I can definitely fit!  Love a drapey top so much.

Have a fabulous weekend babes!  -XO



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