It’s the point in pregnancy where I accept that not much is going to look pretty on me.  Sweat pants are calling my name, except for the fact that it is 197 degrees out and 150% humidity daily.  My largest dresses and all of the tank tops that will cover the belly will have to do.

I am channeling my clothing sadness into shoes and stock piling loads that don’t even fit over my swollen sausage toes at this point.  But they will when this baby is born!  I love how you don’t have to diet your way into a great pair of shoes, praise hands!

My absolute favorite pair in my close are my pearl slide sandals.  I got these in May, after waiting for a month for them to come in stock anywhere.  Luckily, they are every where now (Target has a great knock off!) and everyone can have themselves a pretty pair of pearl sandals.  Picture Oprah tossing them out, yelling “pearl sandals for you, pearl sandals for you!”

I rounded up all of the cutest pearl embellished open toe shoes that I could find.  Can they all be mine?  Number six is what I want to wear every day, all day!

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Like To Know It

This is a small side bar:  see the small white heart in the bottom right corner of the top picture?  Any picture on Insta stories, Instagram or Snap with that image can be screen shotted.  You can then download the Like To Know it app and open it and your screen shot will appear with any items linked.  It is SO easy to use, and I am addicted to shopping with it!


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5 comments on “Pearl Sandals and Slides”

  1. This is definitely one of my favorite trends this summer!! I keep wanting to add a pair to my closet, but I think I’ve reached my quota on new shoes LOL! xo, biana –BlovedBoston

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