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I live for a good checklist.  I’m super type A and checklists get me through everything.  I write them on paper and keep them on my phone, and feel no greater high in life than crossing something off one of those lists.  That led me to thinking that maybe it was time to start a bigger picture checklist, a life check list.

I always love reading other people’s lists of goals for the season, year, or the 101 in 1001.  Something about these lists always makes me feel more inspired and motivated.  I definitely need some motivation and inspiration right now!  Nesting instinct, kick in any time please.  😉 This is my list for the rest of 2017.  Doable, right?  We shall see!

  • Get Ready for Baby

    I know, this is a pretty basic to-do item on a life checklist.  That being said, I have always been a little paranoid and had a hard time actually preparing for baby ahead of time.  Neither Avery nor Greyson had nurseries prepared or anything beyond a few onesies, car seat and a couple little essentials opened and put together.  My plan is to have the nursery fully set this go around, and what we need put together and sorted.

  • Finish Avery and Greyson’s rooms

    The kitchen and living slash family room have been my top priority in getting together in the new house.  These are the most used areas, so they needed to be the most ready.  The kids’ rooms definitely need to be organized and decorated.  Both are painted and unpacked, luckily!  It is harder for them to feel settled when their own spaces aren’t ready, so this is a huge priority.

  • Start Reading

    Summer officially ends for the kids in less than a week, and I have yet to crack a book.  So many of my blogger friends have shared amazing reading recommendations that I want to tackle.  Starting tonight.  Hopefully. 😉

  • Plan a Fall Trip

    All Avery wants for her birthday is a trip this year.  Disney World is out of the question with a newborn, but there are so many great beaches close by.  30A is my first choice.  Rosemary Beach or Watercolor Beach are at the top of the list for a long weekend.  Send me your recommendations please!

  • Workout and Diet

    This is a given post-baby.  However, I want to make sure I clean up my diet (limit dairy and gluten) and get into a reasonable workout routine asap.  Both help my sanity and make me feel like myself again.  Both of these are challenging with an infant (and a husband with a fast metabolism), so it will definitely take some planning and juggling.  I am stocking our fridge and pantry with healthy snacks and foods to have ready and on hand.

  • Feel Settled

    It took me a solid year year to feel settled in New Jersey.  A routine and some know how are high on my priority list in Atlanta.  What makes me feel settled?  Knowing a handful of people locally, a roster of restaurants, salons, and shops to depend on, and which roads lead to where.  I am fairly shy, which makes meeting people harder, and am not the best with directions.  These all can seem like silly things, but they make a world of difference in making a place feel like home.

Putting this out here makes me a little more accountable to it all.  Please help me out with any tips and recommendations, too!  Now, I am off to charge my kindle and dig my way through two very messy kids’ rooms.

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