Baby purchases.  So fun to make, yet so dang expensive.  How do the smallest people require the most things and the priciest ones at that?

We got rid of almost all of our baby clothes and gear, thinking we wouldn’t be having another child.  This means we are basically starting from scratch.  After five years, a lot of our stuff was out of date anyway.  Side note:  did you know car seats expire at five years?  We have been buying things here and there, but now we are in oh crap, what do we need mode.  Needless to say, there is a lot of baby shopping happening.

I am also shopping for myself post-baby.  There are a few really great items that I know I need to have ready and on hand for when I go into labor and after.

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one – As much as I would love the Mamaroo, the price tag scares me.  My kids are too picky to commit to a swing like that.  This will be our happy medium.  4Moms has a Facebook page where they offer great flash sales and discounts.  That allowed me to snag this at 50 percent off!

two –  These are my go-to girl baby gift now.  They fit a range of head sizes, so big and little sisters can both wear them.  They are washable and super soft.  I got a few on sale at the Nordstrom sale and believe they are still in stock.

three –  Pottery Barn Kids bath wraps are the best.  They are a little pricey, but you only need a couple on hand.  Avery and Greyson have had them throughout the years and both love them.

four –  I try to find new feeding pillows, but I always go back to the trusty Boppy.  It’s a great price, you can find a zillion cute covers for it online, and it just works.

five – A good nursing bra is a necessity.  I am going to be ordering this one from Third Love.  It has a front closure and comes in half sizes, so you can find your perfect fit.  It just launched, so I am super excited to try this out and let you know how it is.  You can get 10% off Third Love’s nursing bra with code TLJLY10.

six – The Belly Bandit is a take it or leave it product for a lot of people.  I have held on to mine for five plus years, and plan on using it again.  Do I think it works amazing well?  No.  Does it have benefits?  Yes.  I love the support it gives post-partum, and I think it may help a little with tightening your stomach back up.  It helps to support your back and front, which is really great during feedings.

seven –  I so want to wear baby wraps, but they terrify me.  My best friend has this and loves it so I picked it up to try.  Fingers crossed it works!

eight –  Gold stars?  Yes, please!  These sheets just arrived at our house and I can’t wait to use them as a base to decorate around.

nine – Finding the right car seat was such a challenge this time around.  In the last five years they have definitely been able to up the safety features and have made car seats significantly lighter in weight.  We wanted a full system this time, so we went with this seat.  It has great safety reviews and is light weight.

ten – The coordinating stroller to our car seat.  This is the more narrow model offered by Uppa Baby.  It’s easy to fold and open and should last us several years.  I love that we can add on a standing board for Greyson to ride along with, and there is ample room in the under basket.

 Any other things I need to have?  Let me know!  -XO
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12 comments on “Baby and Mom Purchases”

    • You’re the only person I know who has used it too! That is really great to know and especially about the Mamaroo. I’m all about not spending a fortune on picky babes!

    • So many things for such a small person! I promise Andi is at such a fabulous age right now and you may do it all over again one day!

  1. LOVE those gold star sheets! And girlllll it’s crazy how much stuff our tiny humans need, and it is not cheap in the least sense. I had no idea that car seats expire, very good to know! Other must haves for me were the video monitor so that I could not only hear, but see Serena during naps and bedtime, the white noise machine in her nursery, a bottle warmer for pumped breastmilk in the fridge, and the Ubi diaper pail since it’s made of steel instead of plastic it doesn’t absorb those nasty smells plus it takes regular good ol’ fashioned tall kitchen bags <3
    Green Fashionista

    • I keep forgetting about the diaper pail! I will definitely get that one, thank you for the recommendation!

    • So. Many. Things. It’s so crazy. However, I still feel like small dogs are almost on par with the necessities and neediness (at least in my house!)

  2. Baby wraps kind of terrify me too. I never used them with Hadley (like 3 times maybe), but I have a feeling with a second future child, they will be a necessity because I’ll need all the hands free!

    • I’m so scared of them and so impressed by people who can use them so easily. I still love the good old Baby Bjorn. How can you mess with something so good?

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