April is such a fickle month, and this one was no exception! We had temperatures from the 40’s to the 80’s!  There was tons of rain and bitterly cold winds, but now there is definitely full blown Spring and you can all but smell Summer coming around the corner!  Today I am chatting about my April Favorites in beauty, fashion and home.  I feel like I have become super loyal to anything I buy and truly adore, so I wanted to share what has been on the top of my radar this month!

1. Versatile Top
I don’t know why I have never done an outfit post with this top on here.  This is the shirt I have worn more than any other in my closet in the last five-ish months.  It works as a cute everyday top or a comfy shirt to wear with workout clothes.  You can wear it with the neck up, off the shoulders, or on one shoulder.  It’s long enough to cover your tush, and super lightweight.  It’s still in stock in a bunch of colors! I am thinking about getting one or two more for next year to have on hand, because I seriously wear this no less than three times a week!

2. Everyday Sneakers
I bought these on a whim the day before we left for Disney World, thinking I wouldn’t love them (too bright white for me normally.)  I was SO wrong!  I wore these all over Disney and love tossing them on to run around in.  They are incredibly comfortable when you’re walking a ton and match everything.  I love pairing them with dresses!

3. Statement Necklace
I regret not buying this sooner!  I had it in my cart last year and never pulled the trigger until last month.  Turquoise matches everything!

4. Creamy Hair Texturizer
I adore my spray in texturizer, but this product is really becoming a versatile favorite.  It is great for specifically applying texture, smoothing frizz and keeping hair in place (especially wonky end pieces!)

5. The Ultimate Small Bag
I am wearing the youknowwhat out of this bag.  It’s the tiniest crossbody slash wallet (the inside is wallet.)  You can unhook the chain strap and use it as a wallet.  It has a couple of really small interior pockets that can stash your phone and lip gloss.  I have been using this as my wallet and keeping it inside my bigger everyday tote.  On the weekends or a quick run out I can quickly grab it and go!

6. Tee Shirt Dress
I’m sure you keep seeing this little number pop up on my Instagram feed.  It is in the top spot for this preggo!  It’s super comfy, fits a growing belly and can be dressed up or down!  Such a great piece whether you are pregnant or not.  It runs pretty large so size down!

7.  The Best Candle
This Dyptique candle is such a blogger staple, but my word, is it the best.  I didn’t burn it for a long time because it’s just so pretty (and pricey) but I have been using it more lately.  Just letting it go for a few minutes leaves your room smelling phenomenal.  I love the scent so much I am contemplating getting the perfume version.

8. Cleansing Oil
This cleansing oil is my new favorite tool for a really good deep clean.  I apply it with dry hands, let is sit for a minute then rinse it off.  You have to let it sit for it work, but then it takes off all of your make up!  I like to do this before I exfoliate with my Clarisonic, and I swear it gets my face so clean!

9. Sunnies
I cannot stop wearing these tortoise aviators!  They have definitely taken over for my regular aviators, mostly because they are a bit sturdier and fit the face much better.  These are definitely my new go-to glasses and will be beach pair for sure!

What good things am I missing?  Happy May!

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16 comments on “April Favorites”

    • Those candles are like heaven! Don’t love the price, but thank goodness they leave so much scent with a short burn!

    • Did you return the ones you got? I got those too and they were SO huge, but I think these fit a little better!

    • It is such a great mom bag! You have a wallet and night out bag all in one! I’m all about the efficiency, lol!

    • I actually saw a girl I know in Boston rocking them on FB and hunted them down until I found them because they are just the best sunnies! I can’t tell you how well they fit and wear!

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