This week has been really intense for so many reasons, but it also has been such a reminder to treat each other with kindness and respect.  These two things are forgotten so often and yet they are so, so important.  I am trying to do this more daily and hope that my children will do so as well.  Whether or not there actually is karma, at least I can know that I am trying my best.

Enough heaviness!  Greyson has taken to making himself super hero clothes (see picture above.)  This involves taping various gear (paintbrushes, small toys) to himself and cutting holes in his clothing 😖  He also stuck a crayon in a pocker which ruined pretty much all of our towels, sheets, whites and our brand new dryer’s interior, as well as colored on our sectional in three places with crayons and ball point pens and I can’t even be mad at him because he’s just so sweet.  #lifewithboys  Note to self:  always check pockets before washing and drying.  I apparently prefer to learn my lessons the hard way!


  • I don’t sell Rodan and Fields but I do love them!  They have a new Active Hydration Serum coming out May 9th and is perfect for anyone who has dry skin or is a serum addict like I am.  It is supposed to increase moisture by 200% and is pregnancy and acne safe.  You can learn more or shop early here!
  • This post is all about what camera gear to pack for a trip.  I never know what or how to pack it so I freak out and leave everything at home and totally regret it.  I need to take this advice!
  • I need to go through my makeup and spring clean it, lightening up my colors, and checking expiration dates (did you know they have those?)  This is a list of when to toss different types of makeup and it will be my reference point!
  • I’m totally an 80’s/90’s girl although, I don’t remember too much of the 80’s that I was alive for) and this list brought back so many memories! I still have my Popple and the kids play with it!  And please tell me I am not the only one who thought Pizza Party was the GREATEST game ever!
  • My biggest pet peeve with dry shampoo is the white residue.  This is a great tutorial on how to avoid that from the first spray, which I tried, and it works!
  • I am swooning over this dress! I love the pattern and the shoulder styling, such a great Summer party piece!
  • These are called “sandals” technically, but they are totally slippers to me and I am COVETING these.  I want them to pack for my delivery hospital bag and to sloth around my house in because they will make even the grungiest jammies look cuter!

I linked up my favorite pieces to shop from this week below, with the items from this post as well.  Hope the weekend is great!

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4 comments on “The Weekend Round Up”

  1. Love everything in this post!! I think kindness is so important – I saw Sheryl Sandbery speak last night and this was something she was focusing on!! Definitely checking that dry shampoo article out!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

    • I saw that you were seeing her and was so excited for you! She is just so amazing and she has been through something SO hard. Hope your weekend is great gorgeous! XO

    • SO much nostalgia and so many things I wish still existed 😂 Thanks sweet friend, hope your weekend is great! XO

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