Hi guys!  I have been working on this post for a couple of weeks now so that I could get in all of the details I could think of!  I relied heavily on other people’s Disney World posts for so much, so I wanted to put one together based on our trip.

This was our second time going to Disney World with the kids, and definitely went even more smoothly than our first.  We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter this time around.  I booked with about a month’s notice so a lot of hotels were booked or undergoing renovations.  This is a mid-range price hotel and it was decent.  I probably wouldn’t stay here again, however.  There was very limited dining and we didn’t love the pool area (we have been spoiled by the Beach and Yacht club pool.)  I personally prefer to be in a hotel that is walking distance to at least one park, just for convenience sake.

We left super early on a Wednesday morning so that we could get a half day in at a park.  We did this last time and thought it gave us more time overall.  I packed a ton of notebooks, books and coloring tools that were brand new and opened for the first time on the plane ride to keep the kids busy.

We use the Magical Express, which is the best way to go.  You get tags in the mail for your luggage and once they are checked, you won’t deal with them again until they appear in your room!  You don’t even need to pick them up from the baggage claim.  We all zoned out on the bus ride and plane ride and got some rest so we were ready to go when we got there.  We checked in to our room online the day before so that when we arrived all we did was go straight to our room.

Make sure that you pack a change of clothes in your carry on and anything you will want for the next few hours until your luggage arrives!

Magic Kingdom

We headed to the Magic Kingdom for the second half of the first day because we knew we would need more than one day here.  We were able to use three fast passes and have another three here for another day.  We spent our third day here, as well.

We fast passed for Ariel, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear twice, and the Haunted Mansion.  Avery and Greyson are terrified of big rides, so we were able to not have to worry about Space Mountain and the Mine Train, etc.  Being pregnant also helped because it narrowed down what I could go on.   My kids favorites were The Swiss Family Robinson tree house (they love that thing), Buzz’s Ranger Spin, and the People Mover.  I think we rode the People Mover at least three times.  I’m a total dork and my favorite is the Carousel of Progress.  Avery and I went on it twice and it was so super nerdy and awesome.

It was packed both days that we were here and I highly recommend using the Extra Magic Hours to get here early before the crowds start.  We caught all of the parades and thought they were all really great this time.  We ate at the Liberty Tavern and Tony’s Town Square.  Both were really good!


We spent all of our second day at Epcot, which is my favorite park.  I love the World Showcase and Avery is pretty into it too.  We rode The Seas with Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush, Spaceship Earth, Journey Into Imagination with Figment and the random Donald Duck ride in Mexico, which is Greyson’s absolute favorite ride.

We ate lunch in Italy and it was the most delicious pizza ever.  We ate dinner at the San Angel Inn in Mexico and it was eh.  The food really wasn’t great but we loved sitting inside and getting to be right next to part of the ride.  It would have been much better if I could have had a margarita.

The new Frozen ride is the hot spot in Epcot and we couldn’t get any Fast Passes for it or handle the wait, so hopefully we will make it next time.  We made up for it by watching a bunch of You Tube videos people took on it, so it didn’t feel like we missed out too much.

Animal Kingdom

We spent our last day at Animal Kingdom.  We didn’t go last time (we did Hollywood Studios instead) and were so glad we did.  The kids absolutely loved it!  We got there for Extra Magic Hours and loved walking around when in was so empty.  We ate breakfast at Tusker House, and both kids loved it.  The breakfast buffet was a pregnant lady’s dream and they give you the most delicious juice that tastes like guava.

We rode the Safari, It’s a Bug’s Life (Avery was terrified), saw the Festival of the Lion King.  We didn’t get to go on much here because they kids were either afraid or we weren’t around for the show times.

We started as early as possible every day at the parks and ate breakfast that I packed in our room all but one day.  I packed granola bars and protein shakes and that satisfied us.  We would stay at the park until about one then come back to the hotel and hit the pool for a couple of hours.  We would go back to the park around 5 each night, with the kids bathed and ride on a ride then head to dinner.  The break in the middle of the day was huge for all of us.  It was scorching hot, we were all tired, and it was when everything was the most crowded.

We spent the last half of our last day at Disney Springs.  We ate at Paddlefish and it was definitely not our favorite meal.  It was ridiculously overpriced and the service was eh at best.  We walked around and spent way too much time in the giant Disney store and Legoland, but the kids loved it and it was the perfect way to wrap up the trip.

Other thoughts

  • There are so many Starbucks now!   I think every park has one and we made sure to hit them up.
  • I would definitely do the meal plan next time, FOR SURE
  • I would also do the Park Hopper next time so that we weren’t stuck to such a rigid schedule
  • Five days is necessary.  We did three last time and four this time and neither was enough.  Five is just right.
  • Definitely will stay in a “park” hotel so that we can get to one park very quickly and easily.  Our bus rides were long for every park.
  • I wouldn’t pack a stroller.  We forget ours and rented every day and it worked out fine.  If you pay for stroller rentals you can use them at any park and any time and you don’t have to deal with them on the buses.

That was our trip!  It went way too fast, but the kids had the BEST time!  It was such a nice trip for the four of us while it is just the four of us for the last time and I would highly recommend doing it if you’re on the fence!

Have the happiest day!

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4 comments on “Disney World Run Down”

    • You could take her so soon! I regret not going before Greyson was three because they are free then. We took Avery to Disney Land when we lived in LA a couple of times starting a little over 1 and it was super easy and so fun!

  1. I’m happy you guys had so much fun! You had the right idea about breaking in the middle of the heat, we usually do the same. Next time you guys should go to the water parks – they are so much fun and so refreshing!
    The kids look so cute in all of the pictures, they’re getting so big!

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