My Currently Obsessed wish list is growing at a rapid rate, and everything I put on it seems to be selling out at an equally fast pace!  A lot of the pieces I have linked are from Shopbop because they seem to be keeping things re-stocked better than a lot of my other go-to retailers and I am a sucker for their Prime Shipping (#instantgratification.)  Anything cute you see from Nordstrom, SNAP UP!  Every adorable top and dress from there sells out in a second!

My list has tons of flowy dresses and off the shoulder pieces on it, because that is what I love and hope I can wear right now.  Glitter flats seem like a necessity, because they just really are, and a cross-body bag I have had my eye on at 40 percent off is almost basically a no-brainer!  Does anyone have the bag?  My only concern is how quickly the material would pick up dirt.

Happy Wednesday shopping!

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Shopbop’s big sale is on right now!  Details are below! I linked items I have purchased from there and love in the first row, and a bunch that I am eyeing to snag right now.

And finally, some awesome maternity finds!  There is such a great array of maternity pieces that are actually cute, which is SO hard to find! If you’re pregnant, I am telling you GET the Spanx!  I couldn’t love mine more!

Have a fabulous day!  -XO

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