I just want to start this off with a giant thank you for all of your kind words on Wednesday’s post.  It’s amazing the kindness of strangers, and what genuine relationships and friendship you can build through the blogging community.  It literally brings tears to my eyes, hormonal or not.

Ok, this week.  Please excuse any mistypes, etc.  I haven’t been sleeping well because Josh has had to work a crazy schedule and I am a huge wuss about being home alone, so I am basically a walking zombie.  I guess this is getting me prepared to have a newborn again?

I am on a mission right now to shop for clothes for all of us to wear to Disney in a couple of weeks.  I have so few things that will fit, so I am scrambling to order enough to have, but in sizes that will hopefully last me into the Summer.  I kind of loathe maternity clothes, so I am trying to avoid buying those until I absolutely have to.

I am in full blown Spring mode with shopping and everything at home.  Easter is going to be here in a month, and I feel fully unprepared for that, too!  How did we get here so fast? I cannot wait until the weather catches up!


+  How one of my favorite bloggers edits her Instagrams.

+  Loving this Spring look!

+  A gorgeous Easter table setting for those of us who try to plan in advance, try being the key word for me.

+  The Best Oscar dresses of all time.

+  I want to copy this bathroom sink organizer!  How cute would it be in a nursery, too?

+  This dress is only $15!

+  And I love how easy this top would be to wear.

+  Can we discuss these earrings?  I adore the color and give me all of the tassels!

+  Can someone not pregnant buy this top and wear it for me?  I can’t stop heart eyeing it!

+  My favorite sandals from last Summer are back in stock!


Have a fabulous weekend!  -XO

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14 comments on “The Weekend Round Up”

  1. Look at Motherhood Maternity. Their stuff has never felt uncomfortable to me, and their shirts have been super soft! Maternity stuff is a pain to get, but they’ve lasted me my whole pregnancy (and hopefully will continue through the next 8ish weeks!)

  2. Sending lots of love and hugs your way to get some better rest, I am the same way when H is out of town. As for Disney, the weather will be warm so flowy dresses are key for when pregnancy takes over and your clothes no longer fit right. I lived in them last year, and they’re perfect for the FL weather. Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

    • It SERIOUSLY is! I’m having so many issues with the new Reward Style though, so it’s taking me an extra three steps right now 😐

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