True confession: I am obsessed with bar carts and styling bar carts.  I know, so is everyone else right now, since they debuted this lower-priced beauty at Target and started a total frenzy.  I picked this one up almost three years ago and have been in love ever since.  She (bar carts are she’s, no?)  has lived in our living room, dining room, guest room and office.  I can think of so many ways around the house to use a bar cart based on their sizes, portability and versatility.  They truly are a workhorse home piece in my opinion and you cannot go wrong with the purchase of one.

Today, I want to chat about styling a bar cart.  Why?  Because I am not an expert, but I love to do it.  Sometimes I go to my friend’s houses and just start playing around with theirs.  I’m so obnoxious, sorry friends!  I

t took me about 432789 tries with arranging and re-arranging ours to our get our cart “right.”  It will never be perfect because I am too type A, but it’s at a point that makes me really happy right now.  She currently resides in our living room, to the right of our fireplace and between two sets of windows.

How To Style A Bar Cart

Get a wine rack! Alcohol usually goes hand in hand with a bar cart, but it does not have to!  A bar cart can be used to hold any sort of beverages!  We use ours for wine and liquor because we have no other storage for them.   I prefer to keep as many of the bottles as possible on the bottom and added a wine rack to help wrangle the wine.  I like one side of the cart to be stacked horizontally and the other vertically to add visual effect.  A wine rack is also great for storing juices, seltzers and any other mixers.

Height order! I always prefer to layer by height.  I place the tallest items in the back, away from the front and gradually work forward, going down by height.  This is visually appealing and allows you to see everything you have head on.

Use what you already have for storage.  There is no reason to purchase additional storage pieces beyond a wine rack (if you are keeping your wine or bottles there) for a bar cart.  Glassware and crystal make for great containers and I bet you have those pieces on hand already.  You can keep stoppers, cutters, spouts, glass markers, straws, mini bottles, coasters, etc. in these.  Not only do the provide storage, but they can give your look a little flair.

Stack!  Pile things for height.  I like to do this on the top shelf and balance it to the bottom shelf by going horizontally on opposite sides.  Coasters and small boxes are great bases for stacking.  Not only does this add height, but it helps consolidate how you store everything you need.

I would love to upgrade to a glass bar cart, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet.  We attempted to DIY our own with the existing bar cart, but let’s just say that didn’t pan out.  Our Target one is neutral enough to match any space and has given us so much bang for our buck.  We have used it as a rolling bar cart during parties, and as a side table or decorative piece in multiple rooms.  I cannot stress enough the versatility of a bar cart!  You can do SO much more with it than use it for it’s intended purpose.  A quick Pinterest search will deliver tons of ideas and suggestions for how to makeover the one I have, as well!

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6 comments on “How To Style A Bar Cart”

  1. Brilliant! I love a good bar cart and what I love about yours is it’s cute but the layout is also totally functional! So often I see ones that look cute but wouldn’t be a total pain to actually make anything from. Also I loooove the gold pineapple tumbler. That’s a must!

    • Thank you so much! Function is key, because you know I need to get to that wine 😂 The pineapple is probably my favorite part! Ours was a gift but it has a shaker in it and can be used as a tumbler!

    • Thanks Zelle! It’s the best budget-friendly bar cart there is, I swear! It gets so much use! Hope you’re having a great weekend! XO

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