Top: Stitch Fix // Jeans: Blank NYC (run big) // Shoes:  Adidas, also available here (run very big, size down) // Bag: Zac by Zac Posen // Necklace: Gorjana // Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban


Today is all about my little, fluffy fur baby.  She loves to come along when I shoot looks and often lays just out of the shot, dutifully watching me and in her mind, protecting me.   Sometimes she will lay down and just watch and some days, like this one, she just wants to be with me and be held.  How can I say no that sweet little face?

Maggie is almost ten years old, which I fully cannot comprehend.  She has been with me since before I had kids, before I was married, even before I met my husband (but only by two months.)  She prefers me over anyone, likes my dad second best, and is one of the moodiest beings I have ever encountered.  She refuses to sleep anywhere but on our bed and will try to rip your hand off if you touch her after eight pm.  She’s a pure-bred Maltese, but sometimes I wonder about that because of her larger size.  Most of her breed maxes out around eight pounds, but my girl is holding strong at eleven. #curves

Maggie has managed to have multiple surgeries in her little life for gall stones, a torn ACL, and a slipped patella.  She has eaten a nail, been bit by a poisonous spider and has a permanent dry eye issue which requires daily drops.  She is so easy going when it comes to taking medicine, thank goodness!

Last month, Maggie was diagnosed with diabetes, and all I could do was laugh.  Not in a funny-my-dog-is-sick-hahaha way, but more of a SERIOUSLY?! Is it possible for a dog to have nine lives?  If so, I like to think this little lady has that many!  She is now on a very strict diet, with two meals a day allowed as her only food, at twelve hour intervals.  At the end of her meals, we have to give her a shot of insulin.  Let me tell you all, I have no business giving anyone or anything a shot, so any tips or tricks are welcome and appreciated!

Why am I sharing all of this?  Because it seems like it has taken over my life (it has not.)  It feels very traumatic for my poor pup (it is not.)  I tend to focus on sad things and harp on the tough parts until I get them out of my system (this is true.)  It is a little crazy to plan our days and nights around when Maggie needs to eat and get a shot, which is a huge change, but other than that, it really isn’t much more than increased vet trips (and bills.) All in all, this could be a much worse experience than it is, and we are learning to work around it.

And, yes, if you haven’t gathered as much already, I basically treat my dog like she is one of my children, and she can be in any photo shoot she wants to be in because, look at that face!  I apologize if you’re not a crazy animal person like me, or if this was the most boring slash ridiculous thing you have ever read.  Finally, if you have any advice, please, please give it!

Have a fabulous day!  -XO

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4 comments on “Stitch Fix Peplum + Dog Life Update”

  1. First of all, YES to this outfit! Love those Superstars!! And I had to laugh when you were talking about Maggie being 11 lbs. My dog is supposed to be a Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier so he’s supposed to max out at like 9 lbs but he’s a hefty 14 lbs haha! So sorry to hear she’s gone through so much and now has diabetes, I know that has to be extremely hard on you both! She’s so darn cute though 🙂 <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    • I’m glad she isn’t the only one who doesn’t know her size! But they’re basically babies, so totally worth it!

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