Happy Tuesday lovelies!  Today I am linking up with AnnieKatieCait and Lisa and sharing a peek at our holiday decorations!  We accumulated a lot this year (first year in our new house!!) and we have lights, REAL lights outside!  I’m all about a gold, silver and white color scheme with pops of reds.  We let the kids decorate their own tree and choose which ornaments they wanted on their tree and on our big tree.  Even though our main tree is my dream color scheme, I get more happy every time I look at the kids’ tree decorated with their little hands, and overflowing with memories.  

I am still working on our mantle and waiting for a set of new stockings (way too exciting!)  Does anyone have any good holiday candle recommendations because I have had no luck finding any delicious ones yet!

Have a fabulous day!

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23 comments on “Holidays at Home”

  1. Beautiful decor! I hate the Elf though. Haha! This is the first year we are not doing it for Taylor anymore and I don't miss that little jerk. I cant tell you how many nights I would be ABOUT to pass out and I would remember that I didn't move him and have to jump up and do it. Worst invention EVER!

  2. The gold tree is absolutely Beautiful! However, you can't look at the children's tree without a big smile spreading across your face. 🙂 I also really like the garland along the staircase.

  3. Your tree is beautiful! Love the garland on your banister too! Candles: Bath & Body Works "Tis the Season, Cranberry Woods are always good. Archipelago's Winter Frost & Capri Blue's Fir & Firewood are my two additions this year and I LOVE them. xo

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